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  1. A J

    A JPrije 6 sati

    Me and 2 mates watched this being filmed just above Ebbw Vale town, we watched it from the car park on the hill and we did ask the camera guy about the car to, it sounded insane

  2. PJ Berri

    PJ BerriPrije 6 sati

    1. BMW 2. Audi 3. Aston Martin 4. Ferrari 5. Porsche 6. Lamborghini 7. Abarth 8. Tesla 9. Alpine 10. DeLorean 11. Buick 12. Bristol 13. Koenigsegg 14. Mazda 15. Jaguar 16. Škoda 17. Nissan 18. Volvo 19. De Tomaso 20. Peugeot 21. Lada 22. Formula One? 23. Bugatti 24. GAZ 25. Lexus 26. Maserati 27. McLaren 28. ??? 29. Volkswagen 30. Saab 31. Saturn 32. Rolls-Royce 33. Morgan 34. ??? 35. Toyota 36. Pontiac 37. Chrysler 38. Land Rover 39. Arash? 40. Lister 41. Mercedes 42. MINI 43. Dodge 44. Ford 45. Chevrolet 46. Seat 47. Subaru 48. Triumph 49. Zenos 50. Vauxhall 51. Opel 52. MG 53. Zenvo 54. Pagani 55. ??? 56. Dacia 57. Lancia 58. ??? 59. Alfa Romeo 60. Lotus

  3. TheLastCrankers

    TheLastCrankersPrije 8 sati

    How is this 300kg more than McLaren F1 is it's all carbon fibre?

  4. Shaun Walton

    Shaun WaltonPrije 8 sati

    Its weight lets it down.

  5. Luminosity209

    Luminosity209Prije 9 sati

    What the hell is this???

  6. Fran Comesanas

    Fran ComesanasPrije 9 sati

    Sounds like Porsche has been talking to VW about how to price options.

  7. Francisco Jose Muñoz

    Francisco Jose MuñozPrije 10 sati

    Stupid video,where is the 911 turbo s?

  8. magzire

    magzirePrije 10 sati

    air bottles?

  9. Matt Weiss

    Matt WeissPrije 11 sati

    Why even make it 1177 HP if you limit it to 202 MPH?! You can get that at 700 HP.

  10. Scotracer1987

    Scotracer1987Prije 11 sati

    In stills I wasn't a fan but its great in motion

  11. Dany Cesc

    Dany CescPrije 12 sati

    You don’t really buy a Aston Martin for the track, you buy it for the feel and fun. They do have a certain feel to them, heavy, sometimes weird transmission feels but a delight to drive and the looks… what a beautiful car. Also weight 1 year and you’ll get them for 50% off priced in the used market lol

  12. maxime lepore

    maxime leporePrije 12 sati

    makes me wonder how much better it would be then a new bronco with front and rear lockers for seemingly the same price and potentially much seemingly much more reliability on electrical harness (mind you I dont know why all these new owners had so many electrical faults)

  13. Howard Eley

    Howard EleyPrije 12 sati

    "Hidden Consequences" by Georgia Georgia case you were wondering.

  14. Robert Watson

    Robert WatsonPrije 13 sati

    Vantage used to be nice like 15 years ago. New cars have rancid design for some reason.

  15. Nox1234567891011

    Nox1234567891011Prije 14 sati

    w8 what so theres a R and a GTI clubsport but y ?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

  16. Tim Daniel

    Tim DanielPrije 14 sati

    A better effort than the last one but they still haven't got the grille right !!

  17. Octavian Carcagnosso

    Octavian CarcagnossoPrije 14 sati

    Never call this amazing gem a Ford GT !! Ground-up not the same...

  18. Quadcamboy Quadcamboy

    Quadcamboy QuadcamboyPrije 14 sati

    Croft please, my local.

  19. Richard-Mark Dodds

    Richard-Mark DoddsPrije 14 sati

    why does it sound so flat ? nice 50 kg seats too, not

  20. optimusprimevil

    optimusprimevilPrije 15 sati

    those front lights just aren't doing it for me

  21. Drew Miller

    Drew MillerPrije 15 sati

    Excellent turn-by-turn walkthrough! I would love to see you both come over and do Laguna Seca or Circuit of the Americas.

  22. Zeeb

    ZeebPrije 15 sati

    I love when people hate on the TT and then get gapped or it keeps up very well. Hella bang for your buck.

  23. Ok

    OkPrije 16 sati

    It's been hard for Aston Martin. They desperately need money, f1 championships didn't go well for them but this and the limited edition cars coming this and next year will help them get back on their feet I hope. It's sad to see the poor interiors and borrowed machineries from another company in these beautiful cars. Aston is a small company and they still makes the sports cars that don't cost a million like other small companies.

  24. mauricesj66

    mauricesj66Prije 17 sati

    This is Just a over price c63 shares the same engine different body style but pretty much you can save some money by getting a c63s

  25. Indy Kalia

    Indy KaliaPrije 17 sati

    Me thinks the new RS3, will be a bit special!

  26. Dromoys

    DromoysPrije 17 sati

    Such a stupid car. But love it so much.

  27. Philip Minns

    Philip MinnsPrije 19 sati

    Bloody hell, just look at it. I'm not sure £142k can ever be classed as a bargain, but that doesn't sound unreasonable at all...

  28. Tyral Roach

    Tyral RoachPrije 19 sati

    great car, awesome review as per usual. I'm not so keen on the wing, but hey functional so its ok. Not a fan of the wheel design or the grill. But would still buy......if I could get a manual one

  29. Tom Rauhe

    Tom RauhePrije 20 sati

    3:12 the paddle shifters do not turn with the steering wheel. I have no idea how you are supposed to shift gears in corners, let alone on a track, to be honest.

  30. Tyler Price

    Tyler PricePrije 20 sati

    I think if I had the money I would get the Mercedes safety car in red

  31. animalcol1

    animalcol1Prije 20 sati

    It's the nicest model in the vantage range. I really like it. Wasn't really a fan before. There's a lot to be said for not ruining a car with stupid colour combos that include florescent finishing

  32. ecb116

    ecb116Prije 21 sat

    DBR1 is miles better looking...

  33. Yugo Time

    Yugo TimePrije 21 sat

    Finally, a reason to watch Formula 1 again.

  34. Albert Theron

    Albert TheronPrije 21 sat

    out of touch pathetic

  35. hansdietrich83

    hansdietrich83Prije 22 sati

    8:53 F1 ruining a nother circuit, because their cars are too fast for every track?

  36. hansdietrich83

    hansdietrich83Prije 22 sati

    Henry for the road-, Abby for the trackreviews. The Ultra-Charisma Team

  37. Gumpy 49

    Gumpy 49Prije 23 sati

    Aston always seem to be a generation behind when it comes to speed and tech.

  38. Tian Yi Lim

    Tian Yi LimPrije 23 sati

    I always wondered - how does AM always have the same plate on their review cars?

  39. mardamek

    mardamekPrije dan

    The Volga cannot possibly be 1993. The last year for GAZ 24 was 1985. That being said, your point is well taken in that the soviets were about 15-20 years behind in technology (with possible exception of arms/military equipment). P.S. The KGB interceptor had 5.5 liter V8, not 4.5 liter. It was quick enough to keep up with the foreign cars of the time (to follow foreign diplomats), but the brakes and the handling turned out even worse than on the standard car.

  40. Richard Jones

    Richard JonesPrije dan

    Very nice, but I’d delete that wing (if it’s possible to do so?)

  41. L B

    L BPrije dan

    When are Aston going to hire someone who is good at designing interiors?

  42. Juraj Pilka

    Juraj PilkaPrije dan

    Am I the only one who like the the vulcan style Vantage much more ?

  43. cyberspectre

    cyberspectrePrije dan

    Why does the thumbnail look like a Forza screen shot?

  44. smiles 11

    smiles 11Prije dan

    Love that Aston Martin doesn’t cheat the nordshleife time with rear wheel steering too. Wish more would avoid the gimmicks for faster times.

  45. Motive Video

    Motive VideoPrije dan

    ECU Tune? You can't re-tune the factory Yaris ECU

  46. Rodger Stone

    Rodger StonePrije dan

    Aston Martins are so cool but they always have steering wheels that look like they were copied from a 1995 Mondeo.

  47. retroflash 2080

    retroflash 2080Prije dan

    OMG nice tribute for the end petrol engine very very nice job 😢🤧

  48. John M

    John MPrije dan

    It seems to be a bit of rather desperate and "on the cheap" marketing by AM. And getting it into F1 is hardly an unexpected coup when the struggling brand is part owned by Mercedes is it?

  49. Matt Shah

    Matt ShahPrije dan

    Arhh.. the grille, quite disappointing, if it is honeycomb or mesh grill it would be much better

  50. Spinister

    SpinisterPrije dan


  51. Spinister

    SpinisterPrije dan

    LaFerrari <3 👌🏻

  52. Spinister

    SpinisterPrije dan


  53. Ali Al H

    Ali Al HPrije dan

    As an F1 fan I really want this car just because of the badges

  54. David Rivera

    David RiveraPrije dan

    Abbie's track driving is so smooth. Let's have Henry do the voice over commentary, and Abbie do the driving. That is a winning combo.

  55. Zylent

    ZylentPrije dan

    Not a bad car even in 2021

  56. Karl C

    Karl CPrije dan

    Ooo, the front, has hints of the Mazda MX 6 😆

  57. Speedy M

    Speedy MPrije dan

    Do the seats really move around that much????

  58. Christopher May

    Christopher MayPrije dan

    4:30 was that a 1950 poster ad for Instagram?!

  59. ScrewInTheTuna

    ScrewInTheTunaPrije dan

    This is beautifully filmed

  60. Zach Hersh

    Zach HershPrije dan

    but they're still mercedes powered hehe

  61. M P

    M PPrije dan

    Personally I do not think this is the right direction for AM. Sadly gone are the days of elegant, fast and luxurious Astons. I loved the db9, the original v8 vantage, even the rapide. Sleek and stylish with no need for Halfords wings and carbon fibre. Now if you want stylish you buy Ferrari, is you want luxurious - Bentley, if you want fast get a Porsche. This looks ok outside but inside it’s a mess with outdated infotainment. Still - great video as always!

  62. Arsalaan Mughal

    Arsalaan MughalPrije dan

    I'm just trying to understand the mindset of the people who disliked this video.

  63. Tanner Merrill

    Tanner MerrillPrije dan

    Thanks Henry, it's always a pleasure

  64. Philippe Beinaerts

    Philippe BeinaertsPrije dan

    Yes. Oh yes. (But that wing really, really jars)

  65. Kerb_appeal

    Kerb_appealPrije dan

    A special edition that’s actually got some dynamic improvements!

  66. karlInSanDiego

    karlInSanDiegoPrije dan

    This should have been Toyota's first dedicated EV. Would have made a lot of petrolheads take notice. Still a gap there for EV roadsters and EV hothatches.

  67. Ghett Away

    Ghett AwayPrije dan

    Yep it’s Aston Martin season.

  68. R400TVR

    R400TVRPrije dan

    No off the shelf switches? So no Rover 45 air con controls this time?

  69. R400TVR

    R400TVRPrije dan

    This original car is far nicer than the tarted up later versions. Subtle, yet purposeful.

  70. win

    winPrije dan

    Get rid of that bloody centre screen Aston, looks rubbish, last gen Mercedes stuff

  71. R m

    R mPrije dan

    That dash is horrendous!

  72. Lynx Kynx

    Lynx KynxPrije dan

    I mean if you get really technical, you could say an AMG still is going to be present as a safety and medical car for the ENTIRE season

  73. Abdulrhman Bahashwan

    Abdulrhman BahashwanPrije dan

    This is a Silverstone history lesson not a 911?!

  74. Noodles

    NoodlesPrije dan

    After watching this video.. i really wAnt.. that jumper

  75. Stiggu LePetit

    Stiggu LePetitPrije dan

    Looks like a Mazda

  76. Pigeon Poo

    Pigeon PooPrije dan

    How much is the optional light bar? Cos you want that, don't you? Great video!

  77. Edwin Talavera

    Edwin TalaveraPrije dan

    Beautiful car

  78. Ntobeko Mncube

    Ntobeko MncubePrije dan

    Aston Martin would run the supercar market if they designed interiors with the same passion they do their exteriors