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  1. Kerra Holt

    Kerra HoltPrije 3 sati

    Okay. For one moment just remember these things evolved from Dinosaurs. Now imagine for a moment you're a few million years ago and some dinosaur could mimic the sounds of OTHER dinosaurs. And you're like, "Oh hey, one of my plant eating bros is over here." Then SURPRISE, it's a FRIGGIN' T-REX! Or maybe a few hundred thousand years ago with primitive man and those gigantic birds running around. And they could mimic the sounds of your human bros. Nature is scary.

  2. gangs pranks

    gangs pranksPrije 16 sati

    Its 2021 now

  3. A levi

    A leviPrije 18 sati

    On two DNA calculators Ethnogene and ANDTRO DNA I show some Neanderthal at 1.5% but I also show 1.1% Deniosvan. I am mostly European how is this possible?

  4. Mcheetah

    McheetahPrije 18 sati

    So this is how they recorded music in The Flintstones...

  5. Javier Muñoz Flores

    Javier Muñoz FloresPrije dan

    Que animalito tan hermoso

  6. Alex Quiniou

    Alex QuiniouPrije dan

    Death a 2 galaxies 😖

  7. Ashik Jaman

    Ashik JamanPrije dan


  8. Yukijobo

    YukijoboPrije dan

    This is actualy scary... imagine these birds lurk around when you have some private time with your wife and then.....

  9. Mariella Triglia

    Mariella TrigliaPrije dan

    Bellissimi 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💋

  10. DJArchangel

    DJArchangelPrije dan

    Starring in Police Academy 9....

  11. Crime Against Creation

    Crime Against CreationPrije dan

    I think this must be Makita. Have lyrebirds ever said any words?

  12. DeviousDave

    DeviousDavePrije dan

    Wouldn't a "mobbing flock" make the female want to escape? He could be testing her - 'if you REALLY want me, you'd risk danger'.

  13. Suck my doggy's cock

    Suck my doggy's cockPrije dan

    if you care about plants, go the fuck vegan because those animals require a massive amount of plants to be harmed to feed them.

  14. Sic semper tyrannis

    Sic semper tyrannisPrije dan

    THIS SICK disgusting society and mankind makes me puke! it is getting more and more twisted and perverted, in more and more ways than tolerable!

  15. Sic semper tyrannis

    Sic semper tyrannisPrije dan

    What a COMPLETE WASTE of resources, time and energy for something this incredibly moronic and pathetic!!

  16. Mike Myr

    Mike MyrPrije dan

    wow!! it just popped out from a little dot ,that is so stupid but i bet you got the math dont you ? billions and billions of years ? how much bullshit can one hide in billions of years ? these are all assumptions you assert as fact ,but it is all assumptions built on endless thinking to build a concept one could live by with out God ,you are in poverty ,having the whole world accessible through faith as small as a mustard seed at your hands you still chose poverty

  17. Sic semper tyrannis

    Sic semper tyrannisPrije dan

    Dont come with that BS about you "By chance" or "unintentionally" picked ONLY deliberately picked them also because they have a vagina between their legs and it is political correct to choose them and use them in a PC liberal agenda...

  18. Sic semper tyrannis

    Sic semper tyrannisPrije dan

    Nowadays everything is racist, but to even BEGIN suggesting that sleeping pills make you one in a "science" channel is downright insanity, and pathetic, and proves how radicalized things have become, retarded...

  19. Sic semper tyrannis

    Sic semper tyrannisPrije dan

    To even question the importance of fatherhood is insane...feminazi's love to hate on that...

  20. mauro stocovaz

    mauro stocovazPrije 2 dana

    Se l' homo sapiens sapiens oggi e' dominato da una super intelligenza vorra' dire che in un futuro prossimo l' homo sapiens sapiens dominera' tutta l'energia presente nel cosmo nell' universo e nell' infinto.....italia europa oggi domenica 28.02.2021 stoky Si l'homo sapiens sapiens est aujourd'hui dominé par une super intelligence, cela signifie que dans un avenir proche l'homo sapiens sapiens sapiens dominera toute l'énergie du cosmos dans l'univers et dans l'infini.....italia europa today sunday 28.02.2021 stoky If homo sapiens sapiens is today dominated by a super intelligence, it means that in the near future homo sapiens sapiens sapiens will dominate all the energy in the cosmos, the universe and the infinite.....italia europa oggi domenica 28.02.2021 stoky

  21. Jitendra Yadav

    Jitendra YadavPrije 2 dana

    This is forced sex, you bloody birds . I am sure they have met humans in past.

  22. MysticWitch

    MysticWitchPrije 2 dana

    Wow, it's so amazing

  23. David Southern

    David SouthernPrije 2 dana

    Apparently there is red sand on mars, lots of it oooooooooo yawn

  24. balanced euphoria

    balanced euphoriaPrije 3 dana

  25. cool guy obama

    cool guy obamaPrije 3 dana

    What have I stumbled upon

  26. mauro stocovaz

    mauro stocovazPrije 3 dana

    Quante piccole comunita' si chiedono e si rispondono infinite volte su chi e che cosa e' il PUNTO DI ARRIVO da cui risalire a chi siamo ? Combien de petites communautés se demandent et répondent encore et encore à la question de savoir qui et quel est le POINT D'ARRIVÉE à partir duquel on peut retracer qui nous sommes ? How many small communities ask and answer themselves over and over again about who and what is the GOING POINT from which to trace who we are?

  27. Paul Brocklehurst

    Paul BrocklehurstPrije 3 dana

    It sounds like my tinnitus! _How exciting!_

  28. Imran Khan

    Imran KhanPrije 3 dana

    This is really terrible... and it's only getting worse due to human population explosion. It's simple logic; *more people* = *more plastic.* But no one wants to talk about and tackle the elephant in the room.

  29. TrevorMag62

    TrevorMag62Prije 3 dana

    Some DJ should remix this into a slammin' dance track

  30. DannyBomBom

    DannyBomBomPrije 3 dana

    Evidence to back up the claim? How do they know it’s trying to deceive?

  31. Renovatio2142

    Renovatio2142Prije 3 dana

    fake , I can see strings

  32. quelorepario

    queloreparioPrije 3 dana

    It is fake, it is badly edited. You can see the fade ins and outs.

  33. Ava Lloyd

    Ava LloydPrije 3 dana

    Was this hard for anyone else to watch? It just made me feel terrible.

  34. Brian Edwards

    Brian EdwardsPrije 4 dana

    So, if being fooled leads to offspring does that select for gullibility leading to more gullible populations over time? This could explain a lot about the human race.

  35. HoKe Happy Donkey

    HoKe Happy DonkeyPrije 4 dana

    Wow immitating human sounds AND human males

  36. Roberto

    RobertoPrije 4 dana

    We always shake hands at night

  37. mooxim

    mooximPrije 4 dana

    Lyrebird... more like liarbird 🤣 (This has been the most obvious joke of the century. Thank you for reading)

  38. Максим Чех

    Максим ЧехPrije 4 dana

    Bonk bonk

  39. mozismobile

    mozismobilePrije 4 dana

    So... liar birds don't always tell the truth?

  40. Maracachucho

    MaracachuchoPrije 4 dana

    No Seinfield tune?

  41. ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia

    ELIAKIM Joseph SophiaPrije 4 dana


  42. Clip

    ClipPrije 4 dana

    "Anastasia thinks.." that this suggests male lyre birds "use them to deceive..." Of course she does, it's 2021.

  43. Bob Will

    Bob WillPrije 4 dana

    Some birds just want to eat h the world burn

  44. Bonesaw

    BonesawPrije 4 dana

    This is a clickbait right?

  45. 50LL3KR4M

    50LL3KR4MPrije 4 dana

    Here before it happens

  46. Zhang Lee

    Zhang LeePrije 4 dana

    HIV is not the end of life.there is a cure for hiv contact doctor owobu for your owobu on HRhave

  47. Blockhead 2013

    Blockhead 2013Prije 5 dana

    imagine trying to run crysis during a lecture in ancient greece

  48. Aidan Miranda

    Aidan MirandaPrije 5 dana

    What if god is actually real and we are just the organs and this is space sex.....look I know I’m joking but it actually could be real and we don’t know.

  49. Chook InAThunderstorm

    Chook InAThunderstormPrije 5 dana

    13 years ago. Wondering if climate change might be the cause. 13 years later. Climate Change is burning down, drying up, blowing away, freezing over, starving out and virally infecting every area of our planet home. Menacing our windows and kicking down our doors. Soon we'll be joining the rest of the displaced refugees unless we immediately begin using our common-sense NATURAL intelligence and work with NATURE.

  50. Frank Kolton

    Frank KoltonPrije 5 dana

    Lee Berger is not only good at public speaking and raising money for the Wits University, but also very good at self aggrandizement, exaggeration, taking sole credit for others work, co-authoring two books completely riddled with errors and mistakes. I only watched the first four minutes. Of the two teeth he speaks of - Michelle Erasmus found the first and a student found the second. At the time he proclaimed to the media “Within ten years or so, we will be able to state the exact origins of man.” He wildly exaggerates or takes out of context what other paleoanthropologists said about the most of the hominid fossils having already being found. He was once named "Idiot of the Week" by a South African newspaper for not recognizing the importance of a group of fossils (little foot) stored under his care in his dept. at Wits. To his credit, he does share the data collected and allows outside examination of the fossils, unlike most others in that field that glom on to discoveries and only let a select few examine them, then slowly let out information about the bones over many years.

  51. JonnyMonday

    JonnyMondayPrije 5 dana

    No people talking, no engines revving, no birds chirping, no dogs barking. No rustling leaves, No rainfall, no waterfalls and no ocean waves. Just the wind whistling around rocks and blowing sand and pebbles against them. Nothing but cold, dry, Aeolian sounds for an equally alien environment. Peace and quiet is appealing but this would test one's grip on sanity. Perhaps just a short visit then. A few months maybe. I could manage that.

  52. Ryan Kitching

    Ryan KitchingPrije 5 dana

    So clearly no one else heard the attempt at communication? The Martians speak in a higher pitch. Slow it down and you'll hear the Devil.

  53. mubarak lawanaliyu

    mubarak lawanaliyuPrije 5 dana


  54. Henri Rousseau

    Henri RousseauPrije 5 dana

    What on earth could have induced early hominids to crawl 140m through vertical and horiz cracks in complete darkness? Mental derangement? Death wish? Certainly not food or safety.

  55. Saina

    SainaPrije 5 dana

    Scammer this ain't working wtf is wrong ugh I trusted u with this for my science exhibition 🙄

  56. Theseus Blackwell

    Theseus BlackwellPrije 5 dana

    Slightly disappointed there wasn't a slow, whispered 'leave, now'.

  57. Venkata Ramana

    Venkata RamanaPrije 6 dana

    One fascinating info from the charts 39:10 is the mixture of TUSCAN is predominantly steppe or iranian farmer ancestry. I have watched a documentary about etruscans ( They were kind of outliers among the nearby greek, and were significantly advanced among their peers. They also used chariots (wheels). This makes sense.

  58. Fernando Salaiz

    Fernando SalaizPrije 6 dana

    Why yes humans evolved from apes how could you tell?

  59. mauro stocovaz

    mauro stocovazPrije 6 dana

    BON MATIN, énergie ou conscience définitivement les deux ils doivent s'évaporer pour "atteindre" L'AU-DELÀ LE TOUT ou l' ENTIER, donc le NEUTRE LE GRAND NEUTRE POUR ENFIN AVOIR UN PRÉSENT ÉTERNEL ET IMMORTEL ............ 16.01.2021 mauro stocovaz GOOD DAY, energy or consciousness certainly both should evaporate to "reach" the BEYOND the WHOLE or the ENTIRE then the NEUTRAL the GREAT NEUTRAL to FINALLY HAVE AN ETERNAL AND IMMORTAL PRESENT ............ 16.01.2021 mauro stocovaz BUONGIORNO, l'energia o la coscienza sicuramente entrambi dovrebbero evaporare per "raggiungere" L' OLTRE IL TUTTO o L' INTERO quindi il NEUTRO IL GRANDE NEUTRO per AVERE FINALMENTE UN ETERNO ED IMMORTALE PRESENTE ............ 16.01.2021 mauro stocovaz

  60. Balinoob

    BalinoobPrije 6 dana

    This didn't age well... 2018, you say timeline is "ambitious but realistic" hello 4 years later and they say 2024... you guys shouldn't be called news science.

  61. Achair Namedlinda

    Achair NamedlindaPrije 6 dana

    Love scientists when they freak out with joy after a nerve-racking thing. Way to go Science people

  62. William Roach

    William RoachPrije 6 dana

    At 1:48 " Hand me a screwdriver"?

  63. The Amateurs

    The AmateursPrije 6 dana


  64. Graeme Pennell

    Graeme PennellPrije 6 dana

    Definetly not ET Phone home.

  65. Kuma San

    Kuma SanPrije 6 dana

    I’m not impressed!

  66. Ben Kolb

    Ben KolbPrije 6 dana

    Also the first sound mars has ever made. 🤯

  67. Nighthawk Viper

    Nighthawk ViperPrije 6 dana

    Mammals of all types.

  68. exonerator

    exoneratorPrije 6 dana

    The last experiment is really impressive.

  69. Entangler

    EntanglerPrije 6 dana

    The skies on Mars are blue like here on Earth!

  70. qwaqwa1960

    qwaqwa1960Prije 6 dana

    You're such leeches...

  71. jeremyramone

    jeremyramonePrije 6 dana

    "Reptilian, satan worshipping liars ! The deep state cable and hugo chavez are conspiring with soros to destroy trump University!!! "- rep. mgt from Ga.

  72. goody290

    goody290Prije 6 dana

    i did a quick google search mars is suppose to only have about 1% of earths atmospher so how would it even really care much noise in first place and second that sounds like electrical interfirence too me, on that note what would even make that noise in a barren waste land of dust and rocks?

  73. Fernando Fernandes

    Fernando FernandesPrije 6 dana

    Da fuk is that noise?

  74. inotcare

    inotcarePrije 6 dana

    imagine aliens taking samples of trump speeches - did that meet their expectations?

  75. AmpDesign11

    AmpDesign11Prije 6 dana

    As weird as it sounds it cannot be understated how significant this is. First but not the best or last 😀

  76. Francisco Rosero

    Francisco RoseroPrije 6 dana

    Here is me expecting to hear ET GO HOME phone call and the only thing I hear is the sound when my phone went dead

  77. Harshit Dhiman

    Harshit DhimanPrije 6 dana

    Actually a Martian bee 🐝

  78. betabenja

    betabenjaPrije 6 dana

    so; mars sounds like the device recording it and the absence of wind protection on the microphone? mars sounds a lot like my first videos

  79. Star Spiral

    Star SpiralPrije 6 dana

    Sounds like me with my hair-dryer on Greenland at dusk.