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  1. Dan Skedgwell

    Dan SkedgwellPrije 23 sati

    So strange gave thor a beer That's why he drank so much n endgame thanx doc😂

  2. MaryClare Okonkwo

    MaryClare OkonkwoPrije 23 sati

    I've watched the Snider cut trailer like 5 times at this point. I cant wait for the movie to come out!!

  3. David Bermudez

    David BermudezPrije 23 sati


  4. ibrahima sarr

    ibrahima sarrPrije 23 sati

    1:52:00 into the movie Neil is the only one who knows what is the exact day that Sato disappears, The Protagonist asks him "how do you know ?". That scene alone proves that Neil is Max. Kate and Max are the only one that actually knew about that day. Also in the last dialog of the same scene Kate fears that it might be the last moments of her son, the protagonist responds by saying "they're not" while taking a look at Neil

  5. J Gunzler

    J GunzlerPrije 23 sati

    The commercials do not represent each infinity stone. Commercials are designed to convince viewers that they need the product being advertised. SO each of these commercials are meant to remind Wanda of how great her powers are and why she should not be afraid to use them.

  6. Martin Pennypacker

    Martin PennypackerPrije 23 sati

    it sucks what we got a few years ago... but low-key thankful it happened. otherwise we probably would've never never got a 4 hour cut of justice league

  7. Taylor McGowan

    Taylor McGowanPrije 23 sati

    Don’t know if I’m overthinking this but is perhaps the guy that handed Richie his funeral pamphlet indeed Adrian? The first victim of Pennywise in It 2?

  8. Tesha Garrison

    Tesha GarrisonPrije 23 sati

    Ooommmgggg I can't wait to see this🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  9. Flight In The Eye

    Flight In The EyePrije 23 sati

    So the one that seems to ruin this theory for you is the paper towel commercial, unless that one references the poser stone. I mean didn’t Wanda doubt her powers and her place on the team after Lagos? But then the power stone is purple, and the red liquid is in this commercial. However the mind stone is yellow and the toster’s light is red so maybe the colors in the commercials don’t mean as much. So if you look at it that way the theory kinda fits: roster = mind, watch = time. Soap = space, (the teseract is not a stone just what the space stone was in), paper towels = power, yogurt = soul, and nexus = reality. I would have to watch the paper towel commercial again to see if they refer to the product as powerful or not. Any these 2 people in the commercials have to have some sort of connection to Wanda and this pocket universe, other wise what are they doing there?

  10. Alex Anastas

    Alex AnastasPrije dan

    How did Neil get past the rubble in the tunnel?

  11. Hell yea dude

    Hell yea dudePrije dan

    Tbh HBO should buy just DC from Warner Bros

  12. Jasmyn Collyer

    Jasmyn CollyerPrije dan

    The show is getting better and better

  13. landre beckles

    landre becklesPrije dan

    I don't understand if the fans like zack's work don't that = money for the WB an if justice league does better then expected will the fans get more or are they just going to forget the fans an reboot the movie an treat zack's version as just another fans favorite in an age were we have the internet to voice dislikes

  14. Isaiah Cook

    Isaiah CookPrije dan

    Guy’s there is a lot of truth to this in the Bible. Babylon the great is subliminal of a woman who try’s to wipe out God’s Messages and mislead people with false worship creating beliefs in Contrary to Jehovah will, having at least a billion of god’s worship, not to mention dealings with politics and warfare. This is the satan Agenda to cause division, Chaos, and Deception. Read this passage, Revelation 12:12 On this account be glad, you heavens and you who reside in them! Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing that he has a short period of time.

  15. FaMiLy One

    FaMiLy OnePrije dan

    Can they bring back Scorpion from 1995 ✌️.

  16. zakedavis

    zakedavisPrije dan


  17. Valvrave

    ValvravePrije dan

    At the end of the day there was no definitive proof Jacob did it

  18. Noplay

    NoplayPrije dan

    What is up with Abusive Directors in Hollywood?

  19. Josh Webb

    Josh WebbPrije dan

    First heard about this October 8th 1992. And it was fucking awesome.

  20. Ralph Dorsey

    Ralph DorseyPrije dan

    Looking forward the HBO Max showing of Zack's movie.

  21. Eighty Duece

    Eighty DuecePrije dan

    They can treat herpes nowadays


    DARKSEIDPrije dan

    Huge respect for Zack Snyder ❤️ what a legend

  23. NetNaz Gaming

    NetNaz GamingPrije dan


  24. Md. Taufiqul Huq

    Md. Taufiqul HuqPrije dan

    What's funny is one of the executive said Josstice League was shit. And they knew it. And they still didn’t do anything about it

  25. Mike Sacco Jr.

    Mike Sacco Jr.Prije dan

    I don’t think that shadow is his soul leaving his body. I think it’s Annie floating over him and once he awakens and looks up she’s already near the tree house.

  26. Francois Lauzon

    Francois LauzonPrije dan

    Cole is scorpion's son .. he survived the onlslaught that killed his family and hanzo by the likes of Quanshi disguised as the real sub zero .. he connects with him from time to time .. if you look at the timestamp when scorpion says ''Get over here'' you can clearly see Cole at the bottom of the stairs doing the spear move at the same time .. my guess is he can manifest him ! another hint in the cast .. you see the same actor that did quan shi in the game conquest ..

  27. Ramya Shah

    Ramya ShahPrije dan

    I might be reaching, but the Nexus commercial might be the power stone cuz it.....gives you energy? power? definitely reaching.

  28. Luckylilmofo Arcane Legends LLM

    Luckylilmofo Arcane Legends LLMPrije dan

    I'm convinced that its going to be Partick Stewart proffesor X.. idk why I just think thats whats going to come

  29. Eli Martinez

    Eli MartinezPrije dan

    Connor mcgreggor as Kano. And the “get over here” is corny af. And their face mask is tooo damn big

  30. sngskz

    sngskzPrije dan

    1:26 help i was playing a game on my phone while listening to this that actually scared me

  31. Barrington sands

    Barrington sandsPrije dan

    Sub zero is my favorite character and its seems he is the bad guy in this movie

  32. Stuart Stark

    Stuart StarkPrije dan

    6 separate ads served during this video.

  33. cameron schmitt

    cameron schmittPrije dan

    What's the yomagic ad to the infinity stone theory?

  34. Mgp blonde

    Mgp blondePrije dan


  35. dominique 5

    dominique 5Prije dan

    I Love Snyder and im happy for him but Bruce falling in love with Lois WTF, definitely don't want to see that weird shit

  36. Mattie Reid

    Mattie ReidPrije dan

    I'm hype

  37. Dustin Leone

    Dustin LeonePrije dan

    I read the entire article already but felt the need to watch this breakdown anyway! Thank you for the few extra tidbits that weren’t in the article.

  38. teacher Josha

    teacher JoshaPrije dan

    I don't believe Zack never Saw the Josh weadon cut

  39. Torence True

    Torence TruePrije dan

    In the book, Vegas is pretty straight edge. Flagg doesn't allow drugs of any kind. Alcohol is conservatively used. It's a pretty utilitarian place. The makers of this trash pile just read "Vegas!" and "Bad Guys" and decided it was the new Sodom and Gomorrah where everyone just parties. One of many complete revampings of the themes and aesthetics of the source material. I'm honestly flabbergasted at how something like this could be made, and how creators can be proud of doing such things.

  40. Nimisha Berry

    Nimisha BerryPrije dan

    *Everything is connected*

  41. Junior Tavarez

    Junior TavarezPrije dan

    China Movie? Looks too shitty

  42. Saikath Ghosh

    Saikath GhoshPrije dan

    Bvs was awesome especially ultimate cut,so I am hoping same from Snyder cut. So hyped cannot wait for it,want to see how they distribute world wide.

  43. Almond weave

    Almond weavePrije dan

    I really think it will be at least worth a watch

  44. Alessandro Romero

    Alessandro RomeroPrije dan

    I think the beeping in the first ad is actually a connection to the bomb in Lagos.

  45. Cyricist001

    Cyricist001Prije dan

    That "Get over here" sounds kinda off for some reason. The voice is deep enough, but there's something about it that just lacks.

  46. rany lopez

    rany lopezPrije dan

    All these great games and movies should just be a series now series is were its at make gears of War, mortal kombat,dragon ball z, halo,

  47. Stephen Chason

    Stephen ChasonPrije dan

    I'm sure they will screw it up somehow

  48. VeteranRedBeard

    VeteranRedBeardPrije dan

    I wonder if they are doing God's among us. Where joker kills lois and destroys metropolis and superman turns evil

  49. Leon Josè

    Leon JosèPrije dan

    Did you know that when Surtur has Thor chained up in his fiery domain, the actual links in the chains have a hexagonal pattern. Coincidence? Or is this important to hellish domains.

  50. Amee Divine

    Amee DivinePrije dan

    Wait, no Kitana?! Noooo!!

  51. InvUnk

    InvUnkPrije dan

    cant wait for episode 8 this is going to be crazy

  52. Reneé Elaluf

    Reneé ElalufPrije dan

    I love watching Ludi Lin fight just as LIU KANG looks so strong, brave, Fighter, brave, heroic and determined like LIU KANG the best hero in the universe. Seeing him summon the giant fire dragon is super impressive since LIU KANG in addition to transforming into a real dragon and fire dragon can also create a great fire dragon . I only watch the movie for LIU KANG I hope to see LIU KANG fight a lot. He has always been my idol. Ludi Lin's wardrobe looks great but LIU KANG is characterized by being bare-chested and that's why Ludi Lin tried hard and worked hard for years . I would like to know how Ludi Lin prepared to act LIU KANG in what way he studied and investigated him. I would like Robin Shou to act LIU KANG's father as either a memory or a ghost. The fight must be LIU KANG vs SHANG TSUNG not the latter against another character. KUNG LAO must fight GORO. I am very glad that they did not miss Hiroyuki Sanada Hope he's Scorpion in all mk movies. Personally, it doesn't bother me that they changed Mileena's race since it may be one of her many copies, my theory is that they combined Mileena and Tanya's DNA. In addition, the actress has gone to great lengths to satisfy mk fans. I would very much like Cole Young to be a dlc character in mk since a mma fighter is missing in mk. It is an unforgivable sin not to include JOHNNY CAGE in the film as JOHNNY CAGE alongside LIU KANG. SONYA BLADE AND RAIDEN are mk's holy quaternity of heroes. SHANG TSUNG Actor Is Excellent As He Projects Super Villain Image, Pure Evil, And Supreme Intelligence The downside is that they removed his iconic mustache, padlock beard and tattoos around his eyes. Otherwise it is fine. Regarding RAIDEN, this is good since it projects an image of wisdom and seriousness. But in its design it lacks the Raiden head cover and also RAIDEN measures more than 2 meters in height. SONYA BLADE looks sexy and has a beautiful ass. I read that someone wanted to see CHUN LI and RYU in the mk movie.

  53. Chad G

    Chad GPrije dan

    I think the depression ad is representative of the mind stone, and the toaster commercial is either the power stone (it is a powered device, and sound like an Iron Man blaster powering up), or the toaster commercial doesn't represent any of the stones.

  54. chikuao ortiz

    chikuao ortizPrije dan

    The Best Scorpion ever

  55. Jakob Ewing

    Jakob EwingPrije dan

    You can beet the s*** out of animatronics nice

  56. gaza el diablo

    gaza el diabloPrije dan

    looking forward to the last commercial which will be in ep 8

  57. megan flores

    megan floresPrije dan

    i really think uimyeong went inside sangwooks body

  58. ShockwaveFPS Studios

    ShockwaveFPS StudiosPrije dan

    We live in a society, where honor, is a distant memory. Isn't that right... batman. WHY WON'T YOU LOVE ME!

  59. Spinal06

    Spinal06Prije dan

    "get over here"nahhh ill not bother , if the voice for it was good i would, "get ovvvver here" no fuck off. Sould use the ed boon voice for it.

  60. Mythri Bg

    Mythri BgPrije dan

    Following this, the Joker craze may lead us to the Ayer cut as well....

  61. tejean samuels

    tejean samuelsPrije dan

    yall need to fix that get over here use the one from the game

  62. Matt James

    Matt JamesPrije dan

    I'm pretty sure Mickey tells Matthew he's keeping the business..

  63. Carson

    CarsonPrije dan

    I wonder how many times Raiden will pointlessly consult with the elder gods in this movie

  64. RoundedApollo80

    RoundedApollo80Prije dan

    after you blip how dose your clothes or sute blip with you

  65. W W

    W WPrije dan

    I'll be dead honest Paul... I am ALWAYS having that.. Always...

  66. Hazell Vasquez

    Hazell VasquezPrije dan

    I can't think of a reason why people would think the Joker image is awful .... I think it's creepy and fascinating as hell ......

  67. Zach Sietsma

    Zach SietsmaPrije dan

    Damn I never knew the reason why he left the movie until now.

  68. Mr Unknown

    Mr UnknownPrije dan

    Marvel fan , havent watched a single movie of DC still watching 🤣😂

  69. borzy

    borzyPrije dan

    Anyone hyping the “Snyder Cut”, just remember this: Snyder wanted a Wayne-Lane-Clark love triangle.

  70. Sarah Sutherland

    Sarah SutherlandPrije dan

    I still have no idea why they cut that Batman line in the Sydercut trailer “I don’t care how many demons he’s fought in how many hells. He’s never fought us. Not us united.” because that alone would have made me ejoy the movies somewhat. I mean, when it comes to the cinematic universes, its all Marvel all the way for me, but I dont actually own any Marvel comics (well, thats not true, I got a few issues of the Thunderbolts when Bucky was leading them, he was only wearing a shirt like 10% of the entire run) its DC I grew up reading and loving, and thats _such_ a Batman line

  71. Zadiyah Kissai

    Zadiyah KissaiPrije dan

    This looks absolutely incredible! I'm super excited! Gonna subscribe 2 HBO Max right now!

  72. Makai K Pia

    Makai K PiaPrije dan

    Idk what to expect next honestly

  73. Oinam Thoujal

    Oinam ThoujalPrije dan

    I like Leto as Joker.

  74. Ryan Ouellette

    Ryan OuellettePrije dan

    Okay but like I don't want the Jesus Joker image in the movie 😬

  75. Tiatemjen Tzudir

    Tiatemjen TzudirPrije dan

    Thank you 👍

  76. Charley Darcey

    Charley DarceyPrije dan

    Show just keeps getting crazier! Paul, glad you are no longer a trashbag.

  77. Crimson Ghoul

    Crimson GhoulPrije dan

    What the fuck happened to Mileena? Did she get burnt by scorpion or what the fuck?

  78. Chris Griffin

    Chris GriffinPrije dan

    Can’t wait! Hopefully Snyder’s JL is great and HBO Max allows him to complete his full story.

  79. Joshua Laster

    Joshua LasterPrije dan

    You have to be a Nolan simp to like this dumpster fire of a movie.

  80. Leon M

    Leon MPrije dan

    “The filmmaker has often said being an adoptive father is one of the reasons he was so invested in the story of Kal-El, a powerful being who became Superman thanks to the love and care of Jonathan and Martha Kent.“