Videos of Arsenal's golden era under Arsene Wenger - Full matches, Highlights and Compilations of legends.
Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Robert Pires, Patrick Vieira and more!

  1. kgeedi

    kgeediPrije 7 sati

    You got Van Persie's match comp for this same game. He played pretty well in this game if i can remember.

  2. Pratama Nugroho

    Pratama NugrohoPrije 8 sati

    I miss this year

  3. Александр Плеханов

    Александр ПлехановPrije 12 sati

    Вот раньше футбол был

  4. Jonisio Daza

    Jonisio DazaPrije 16 sati

    Bergkamp on the right wing, Ljungberg on the left wing and Reyes up top...interesting formation Wenger.

  5. PKP

    PKPPrije dan

    Many thanks for the memories :)

  6. Shinkin

    ShinkinPrije dan

    Back then when Arsenal was Arsenal

  7. silver surfer

    silver surferPrije dan

    Great video! Can I use some of your bergkamp videos?

  8. kgeedi

    kgeediPrije dan

    Yooo. Stupendously rare footage. Young RvP was so smooth.

  9. Christopher Maunder

    Christopher MaunderPrije 2 dana

    This was the best decade of football ever ❤❤

  10. Mukuye Shamran

    Mukuye ShamranPrije 3 dana

    The left leg

  11. kiralaison 01

    kiralaison 01Prije 3 dana

    How the fuck did we loose this one?

  12. Arjun Kumar

    Arjun KumarPrije 3 dana


  13. Michael Williams

    Michael WilliamsPrije 4 dana

    This was the last match Arsenal ever lost at Highbury. Sol Campbell had his infamous meltdown and left at half time.

  14. Mukuye Shamran

    Mukuye ShamranPrije 4 dana

    The last arsenal DNA

  15. Blank

    BlankPrije 5 dana

    Fellaini comes to mind from recent times but nothing compares to Patrick a generational talent for sure

  16. Nad Khan

    Nad KhanPrije 5 dana

    Unbelievable player amazing different class

  17. nascidos pra jogar futebol zidane

    nascidos pra jogar futebol zidanePrije 5 dana

    Posta esse jogo completo

  18. Moosterton

    MoostertonPrije 5 dana

    His game was so complete in this season

  19. Daniel Junior

    Daniel JuniorPrije 5 dana


  20. Daniel Junior

    Daniel JuniorPrije 5 dana


  21. Mardinatha Aneomali

    Mardinatha AneomaliPrije 6 dana

    Wtf smith and referee

  22. DirtyRottenScoundrel

    DirtyRottenScoundrelPrije 6 dana

    @souster98 update the one from 28.12.2005 against Portsmouth HT 4-0 FT 4-0

  23. Sooby

    SoobyPrije 7 dana

    Thierry Henry, legendary striker. Respect!

  24. Michael Williams

    Michael WilliamsPrije 7 dana

    My first ever Arsenal match was that 2-2- against Southampton with RVP scoring the last second equalizer. Will always have a soft spot for him for making sure my debut match wasn't a disaster.

  25. Season Sharma

    Season SharmaPrije 7 dana

    From a time when footballers were still loved for having a persona and character


    RAMEES PESPrije 8 dana

    Beast giant paddy

  27. Ryan McGuinness

    Ryan McGuinnessPrije 8 dana

    5:55 Vieira sparked a trend, in the early 2000s, with the spreading of Vicks VapoRub on his jersey.

  28. shuha24

    shuha24Prije 8 dana

    Is it just me or were the arsenal players taller and stronger back then?

  29. KIRK

    KIRKPrije 8 dana

    Mr snake

  30. Tips mc gee

    Tips mc geePrije 9 dana

    Was amazing that season

  31. Krissy M

    Krissy MPrije 9 dana


  32. souster98

    souster98Prije 9 dana

    Reuploaded due to copyrights, should be ok now hopefully. The first of 04/05 compilations to come, a look at RvP's first season at Arsenal. Hope you enjoy! Songs: Kelis - Trick Me, Danny Brown - Grown Up If you want to support my channel, and see more Arsenal full matches and compilations, check out my Patreon

  33. Ferris

    FerrisPrije 9 dana

    Had we managed to keep this team and add a few more pieces we would've won the league again during the late 2000s.

  34. Toby Bacon

    Toby BaconPrije 10 dana


  35. Thanh Tùng Đoàn

    Thanh Tùng ĐoànPrije 10 dana

    35:23 Edu nutmegs Arteta

  36. Thanh La

    Thanh LaPrije 10 dana

    Can you imagine we went straight from this to top 10 and are disqualified for any European tournament ? You know what I'm tired of yelling and swearing cause this team hasn't been a team anymore since we left Highbury

  37. Thaslim Amigoz

    Thaslim AmigozPrije 10 dana

    Golden dayssss❤

  38. thegiftedmedia

    thegiftedmediaPrije 10 dana

    That team! I don't even know who plays for midfield in Arsenal these days. But I immediately knew that was Gilberto Silva! Every player was a character in that Arsenal team.

  39. Naruto Piece

    Naruto PiecePrije 10 dana


  40. ivan medina

    ivan medinaPrije 10 dana

    so underrated

  41. ivan medina

    ivan medinaPrije 10 dana

    Henry was just a team player so unselfish

  42. James

    JamesPrije 12 dana

    Surprised Kanu didn't take the 5th penalty to win the match instead of Quincy Owusu-Abeyie

  43. Bobby Bradford

    Bobby BradfordPrije 12 dana

    I remember when we defended like this now what have we got

  44. Ronaldo Cristiano

    Ronaldo CristianoPrije 12 dana

    adding injury to insult

  45. GHOST 000

    GHOST 000Prije 13 dana

    Why on earth was rud still on the pitch after the 12th minute .. ?

  46. John Murphy

    John MurphyPrije 13 dana

    Carragher such a poor player

  47. Mihail G.

    Mihail G.Prije 14 dana

    The best moment of Bullard's career is making that foul so Henry could score this gem.

  48. 敏宇みろ、せと

    敏宇みろ、せとPrije 14 dana

    海布里国王 亨利 看他的技术吧、脚下技术一流、传球、停球、射门 都是最棒的。一群法国🇫🇷帮。黑人 如日中天的阿森纳时期

  49. David Luiz

    David LuizPrije 15 dana

    Funny new school fans now disrespect parlour saying he was average..guy had tekkers ..playing on the wing in his 30s ..legend

  50. Olaf Olafson

    Olaf OlafsonPrije 15 dana

    2 potential red cards after 20sec. This Roy Keane is a joke.

  51. James Clarke

    James ClarkePrije 15 dana

    Couldn't it happened to a better team. ftra

  52. Ali Mirhashimli

    Ali MirhashimliPrije 16 dana

    We should always be grateful of technology, this tackle was given just a yellow, unbelievable

  53. kiralaison 01

    kiralaison 01Prije 16 dana

    What a squad, Arsenal were robbed of a Champions League.

  54. aimar.100 Persie11

    aimar.100 Persie11Prije 16 dana

    لاعب فناااااان وسريع جدا

  55. Scott Lawson

    Scott LawsonPrije 17 dana

    Arsenal had some awesome kits when 02 sponsored them

  56. lipakj

    lipakjPrije 17 dana

    Lol Kolo Toure was like an attacking midfielder lol

  57. Gonzalo 91

    Gonzalo 91Prije 17 dana

    I miss Higbury stadium

  58. RayDreamChaser

    RayDreamChaserPrije 18 dana

    As awesome as Thierry’s goal is the line up. Henry, Van Persie (one is already unstoppable and they had both!), Cesc, Campbell, Gilberto (just naming those on screen) plus other top class players. You compete with other big clubs across Europe with footballers of this caliber. And today?

  59. sam rod

    sam rodPrije 18 dana

    Simply the best

  60. sam rod

    sam rodPrije 18 dana

    Bergkamp was just a footballer of a different make its like every time the ball touched his boot sparks came out, every pass he made was like a artist stroking a paintbrush through majestically, his pass appreciation was out of this world every pass he made the receiver barely had to break a stride thoroughly a genius, timeless Footballer one the G/A and STATGENS wouldn't be able to understand or appreciate truly one of the greatest premier league players of all time again thank you for putting together such beautiful artwork of the ICEMAN.

  61. sam rod

    sam rodPrije 19 dana

    unbelievable video brother thank you

  62. Ric D

    Ric DPrije 19 dana

    I forgot just how good his touch was, looks so ungainly but can engineer space and create danger in a split second with a quick turn... his game really changed over the years

  63. Capone

    CaponePrije 19 dana

    Could u reupload the Henry goal vs Tottenham it was the the one where it was the last NLD at Highbury🙌🏾💯💯

  64. micky james

    micky jamesPrije 19 dana

    Who would be the modern day van Persie?

  65. iGooner

    iGoonerPrije 19 dana

    great comp mate!

  66. Daniel Harrison

    Daniel HarrisonPrije 19 dana

    Fascinating player to watch at this time, even from the perspective of how you could tell his teammates didn't really know what to expect from him a lot of the time. This was very much a season where play sort of revolved around Henry, and Van Persie was a complete wildcard who often did his own thing. In fairness to Henry I think he kind of respected that he couldn't impose his will on him - when he wasn't giving him the Gallic head-shake at least

  67. J Ochola

    J OcholaPrije 19 dana

    Best striker we had at the Emirates, auba, alexis can't get nowhere near this guy.. My only regret I'll love see him play with ozil and santi behind him easily 40 goals +

  68. Invincible 004

    Invincible 004Prije 19 dana

    How was he wearing the invincibles away kit I thought we signed him in 2004?

  69. Samir Mashjary

    Samir MashjaryPrije 19 dana

    This guy has great potential

  70. Lukaš Jacob

    Lukaš JacobPrije 19 dana

    5:34 the only title, unfortunately

  71. Cody Heron

    Cody HeronPrije 19 dana

    I understand that he's a goal scorer first and foremost but it's kind of sad that there aren't a lot of comps like this that focus on his overall playing style. He's genuinely so interesting to watch. His dribbling is like ballet, his first touch is hypnotic, his passing cultured and expansive, so many things to appreciate. Oh well, just another reason why you're one of my favorites, Souster. Another job well done. 👏☺️

  72. Manusia Ganteng

    Manusia GantengPrije 19 dana

    Brings back so much memories.

  73. Invincible 004

    Invincible 004Prije 19 dana

    What a comp

  74. Syakir Akram

    Syakir AkramPrije 19 dana

    He’s got that bit of edge since day 1. Fabregas was the same never short of confidence

  75. ndcomps

    ndcompsPrije 19 dana


  76. Julianesque

    JulianesquePrije 19 dana


  77. Leon Davis

    Leon DavisPrije 19 dana

    NGL I was 💔when he went them lot🤬

  78. souster98

    souster98Prije 20 dana

    The first of 04/05 compilations to come, a look at RvP's first season at Arsenal. Hope you enjoy! Songs: Kelis - Trick Me, Danny Brown - Grown Up If you want to support my channel, and see more Arsenal full matches and compilations, check out my Patreon

  79. Hassan Ettahri

    Hassan EttahriPrije 20 dana

    Conor McGregor + Gordon Ramsay = 0:08

  80. Buffalo Puppy

    Buffalo PuppyPrije 20 dana

    It’s a shame cause everyone loves an aggressive football game but the rules had to change to stop disgusting players like Dan smith ruining careers.