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March Madness
March Madness

The Official HRhave page of March Madness and the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament providing highlights, analysis and historical recaps of all the greatest moments from college basketball's premiere showcase.

  1. Media SL - Second Life

    Media SL - Second LifePrije 7 sati

    Super 😜

  2. Garrett A

    Garrett APrije 7 sati

    His shot looked better back then. He worked hard to develop that shot to Westbrick level.

  3. jdb316

    jdb316Prije 8 sati

    When did CBS start adding the announcers’ commentary to One Shining Moment? I prefer letting the highlights speak for themselves here.

  4. Eli Maiorana

    Eli MaioranaPrije 9 sati

    Make these things longer olz

  5. Al Armstrong

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  6. Akando Arlo

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  7. Ainsley Arlie

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  8. Delton Joa

    Delton JoaPrije 13 sati

    Russell Westbrook with a jumpshot and defense

  9. Labiang Jonathan

    Labiang JonathanPrije 14 sati

    1:19:13 😭😭😭

  10. Aiken Arkwright

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  11. Aiken Aric

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  12. Scott Lowman.

    Scott Lowman.Prije 15 sati

    Spring break 1985. Parents wanted me to go to my grandparents for the week. Said I wasn't going unless I watched the game. I went & got to watch the game. Glad I didn't miss it!

  13. robert culver

    robert culverPrije 16 sati

    Kentucky won it all 1978,!!

  14. Walker Hiatt

    Walker HiattPrije 17 sati

    He isn’t wrong

  15. J.A. Allison

    J.A. AllisonPrije 17 sati

    ...... NC's great lineup of Jordan, Sam Perkins, Brad Daugherty and Kenny Smith looked overpowering but freshman Smith was ineffective with broken wrist, Jordan had foul trouble, soph Daugherty suffered in-game injury. Indiana shot lights out for the game (almost 70%) matched up well, got great games from Steve Alford & 7-2 center Blab. They also played great team D & ran efficient offense. Kinda like when "little" Princeton almost knocked off Alonzo Mourning & (No. 1 seed) Georgetown in 1993. It can always happen, as No. 16 UBMC proved vs. No. 1 Virginia in 2018, All four of the following great coaches all stumbled multiple times in early rounds of the NCAAs or before they even got to the NCAA tournament. ... it's interesting... Dean Smith, Bob Knight, John Wooden and Mike Krzyzewski all played for great coaches (Phog Allen, Fred Taylor, Ward Lambert, Bob Knight). Wooden (Purdue 1932) and Knight (Ohio State 1960) and Dean (1952 Kansas) all played for NCAA champs. Wooden (12.1 ppg) was the "better" college player -- retroactively being named "Player of the Year" in 1932 (as the NCAA did not exist yet) and Purdue was named "national champs" by the Helms Athletic Foundation & Premo-Poretta Poll -- two separate organizations that retroactively gave out awards to previous basketball teams, players from late 1890s through 1938. Smith, Knight and Krzyzewski (at Army) were all average Division I college players in college (2 ppg to 7 ppg) who learned well from their head coaches and, with Wooden, all went on to teach the game extremely well and successfully, all becoming the winningest coach of all time when each retired (though Krzyzewski is still coaching). That is remarkable... and begets the winners become bigger winners theory in life. Also interesting, all four were born in the midwest: Wooden (Indiana), Smith (Kansas), Knight (Ohio) and Krzyzewski (Illinois). Yes Wooden has 10 NCAA titles, Krzyzewski 5, Knight 3 and Smith 2... After reading books on each... I believe you can make a case for each as the greatest coach(es) since 1960. Smith, Knight & Krzyzewski all coached in the Mideast or East -- where, objectively, in their eras, there was much stronger competition to get to the Final Four than in the West. Remember, too... Only conference champs could compete for NCAA titles thru almost all of Wooden's era (1947-1975) while Smith, Knight & Coach K all had to battle tough, talented national powerhouse teams hungry for redemption in every round in the East. And each had to win usually 5 or 6 games to become national champs. During Wooden's era, you only had to win 4 games against half western universities to claim a crown (less teams were invited, bracket was NOT balanced yet by NCAA). What Wooden's UCLA teams were able to do was remarkable -- 10 titles in 12 years -- the result of great coaching fundamentals from Wooden, great strategy from assistant Jerry Norman, PLUS the recruiting help of famous black UCLA alumni like Jackie Robinson (Baseball's breaker of the color barrier), Ralph Bunche (U.S. United Nations rep), Willie Naulls (NBA vet), Arthur Ashe (U.S. Open champ), and Rafer Johnson (Olympic Decathlon champ) all helped draw some of the nation's BEST basketball players to the West Coast & UCLA. Whoever got Lew Alcindor & Bill Walton was going to the Final Four every year, just like Bill Russell & Wilt Chamberlain took their teams to the NCAA Final in their college days. Alcindor (for race appeal reasons) and Walton (local boy) WANTED to come to UCLA. I consider Alcindor & Walton to be the two most complete college players of all time. With Pete Maravich at point guard & Oscar Robertson at the other guard I would round out my all-time team, Wilt & Russell as my 5th starter, 1st sub. Wooden, most successful... sure, hands down. Yet, all his early great black players (Naulls, Walt Hazzard, Lew Alcindor, Lucius Allen, etc.) all considered quitting the team after their sophomore years ("A Coach's Life" by Seth Davis, 2014 copyright) there as the on-campus culture (ex. no dorms for blacks) or Wooden's non-communication, detached off-court persona, and not explaining why you would be benched, stressed them all out to the max. UCLA booster/friend Sam Gilbert stepped in with hospitality at his house & elsewhere to save the day for UCLA fans with Hazzard, Alcindor & Allen, according to Davis' book. Wooden communicated the Xs and Os of hoops tremendously in practice... according to his players, he was below average at relating to them as people while they were there. Dean Smith's players had a much more positive experience with him....same with Krzyzewski's guys. Knight's ? More of a mixed bag of memories, like Wooden's. According to his book, Wooden did not talk to you much if you were not in his top 7 player rotation. And he gave his top players more leeway when it came to breaking team rules, curfews, etc. "Greatest coach" ever then? Tough call to make. Most enjoyable "great coach" to play for ? For life lessons, success & relatability... I gotta go with Dean Smith. Though playing with Bill Walton probably would have been a lot of fun... Keep ballin' all you hoopers !

  16. Mark Browning

    Mark BrowningPrije 20 sati

    Best and worst tournament game ever. Best because....well just watch it for youself. You'll need no further proof. Worst because the wrong team won. And I mean the wrongest of all wrong teams that has ever wronged.

  17. Jacob Hill

    Jacob HillPrije 20 sati

    Tech’s D lost the game....

  18. Pat Early

    Pat EarlyPrije 23 sati

    Very excellent! Thank you for sharing and God bless everyone

  19. yesher12

    yesher12Prije dan

    To know what has happened to our team today, with Beard turning his back on us, this video is bitter sweet. That 2019 team was incredible. I hope Adams has much success.

  20. G Ws

    G WsPrije dan

    Talent is just insane when recognize the names

  21. David Solomon

    David SolomonPrije dan

    Love him or hate him. Respect him or disrespect him. Laettner is one of the top college basketball players of all time. 4 final fours and 2 titles at Duke. He finished 10 for 10 from both the floor and free throw line. I'm not putting him on the same level as Lew Alcindor or Bill Walton, but he's on a short list of players to follow them.

  22. Clark Bucher

    Clark BucherPrije dan

    7:14 - NOT a travel

  23. Johann baniqued

    Johann baniquedPrije dan

    I am a Loyola-Chicago alum, but I liked watching these Yellow Jackets play.

  24. Matthew Anderson

    Matthew AndersonPrije dan

    One of the 10 best games in March Madness history with the finish

  25. Duhew Game

    Duhew GamePrije dan


  26. Gamil Game

    Gamil GamePrije dan


  27. Ekal Zian

    Ekal ZianPrije dan


  28. Dewa Game

    Dewa GamePrije dan


  29. Kaliba King

    Kaliba KingPrije dan

    Lol arizona

  30. Toke Game

    Toke GamePrije dan


  31. Eli Maiorana

    Eli MaioranaPrije dan

    Plz stop giving away the score in the thumbnail and/or text Im not one of them but some people like to watch the highlights to find out who won

  32. Ab Ata

    Ab AtaPrije dan

    Boston or Pelicans is the fit team for him

  33. Betef Game

    Betef GamePrije dan


  34. PhillyJay. OnePlus 6T- Samsung A51 5G

    PhillyJay. OnePlus 6T- Samsung A51 5GPrije dan

    Gonzaga got exposed vs baylor now they can go back to playing Pepperdine, LMU, Portland, Pacific, St Mary's, San Francisco San Diego etc I so glad they didn't win the title.

  35. PhillyJay. OnePlus 6T- Samsung A51 5G

    PhillyJay. OnePlus 6T- Samsung A51 5GPrije dan

    Gonzaga got exposed vs baylor now they can go back to playing Pepperdine, LMU, Portland, Pacific, St Mary's, San Francisco San Diego etc I so glad they didn't win the title.

  36. Nick Tharp

    Nick TharpPrije dan

    This year and the year with the blue and white squad we're definitely Kentucky's funnest calipari years!!! Good times

  37. Jim Criniti

    Jim CrinitiPrije dan

    THE Overrated State University.

  38. Jahari Alex

    Jahari AlexPrije dan

    I would take him with the number 1 pick. He can score off the dribble, score off the ball, post up, running floater, get to the basket, deadly 3 point shooter, and plays big on the big stage. Plus he's only 20 and 6'6.

  39. Ryo Fujiwara

    Ryo FujiwaraPrije dan

    Charles Barkley reacting like Auburn won it all!

  40. Rob Software

    Rob SoftwarePrije dan


  41. Rob Software

    Rob SoftwarePrije dan

    24:57 is like his inner-Kobe laser focus emerges

  42. Sport Trends

    Sport TrendsPrije dan

    How is 69-69 tie game just 48 percent probability and not 50 percent

  43. Kash 45

    Kash 45Prije dan

    LOL it almost happened again

  44. walterlv01

    walterlv01Prije dan

    Iowa won a backyard scrap against Cincinnati in the first round. They fell in a pressure cooker to Tennessee in the second round. Tennessee came up just short in an overtime classic to Purdue in the Sweet 16, while Purdue lost a gut-wrenching overtime epic against Virginia in the Elite Eight. Virginia would survive two legendary games in the Final Four to capture their only national title. What a region this was.

  45. MRC 4Real

    MRC 4RealPrije dan

    People be sleeping on him bro I swear he raw

  46. Brian

    BrianPrije dan

    I went by the seed this year and flipped a coin for the rest. I did really well and if one coin flip would've gone the other way, I would've won a $10 gift card that I didn't really want anyways.

  47. walterlv01

    walterlv01Prije dan

    I remember feeling bad for Bryce Drew after he missed the first 3 - seeing the expression on his and his dad's faces realizing that their little school's one chance at glory was probably gone, but hey, at least they could live with knowing they took their best shot at it. Little did anyone know what was to follow.

  48. Pukysand

    PukysandPrije dan

    Georgetown basketball was the original fab 5 in the 80's. They rocked every Nike shoe that came out and started trendsetting for the community

  49. Isaac Gardner

    Isaac GardnerPrije dan

    Adam an OG

  50. Kinetic Chain

    Kinetic ChainPrije dan

    Nasty man

  51. Tumbleweed Connection

    Tumbleweed ConnectionPrije dan

    I was at this game... what a classic between two big east teams in what was perhaps the greatest season by a conference ever. 3 #1 seeds, 4 teams made elite 8 and 2 made the final 4

  52. Julian Johnson

    Julian JohnsonPrije dan

    who would’ve thought this dude would become the goat as we know today🐐

  53. Bowen Chen

    Bowen ChenPrije 2 dana

    Dude lowkey looks like Ja Morant and plays like Donovan Mitchell

  54. Nicholas Woods

    Nicholas WoodsPrije 2 dana

    absolute stud

  55. Matt Hartley Jr.

    Matt Hartley Jr.Prije 2 dana

    Thank YOU March Madness this was awesome to watch especially the CBS side of things 😎🎊👏💚

  56. Loic Berton Izere

    Loic Berton IzerePrije 2 dana

    His game is the same like Donovan Mitchell


    TKBOUTDOORSPrije 2 dana

    karnowski looks like lojo

  58. Jesus is Lord

    Jesus is LordPrije 2 dana


  59. Surigao Strait

    Surigao StraitPrije 2 dana

    Hubert Davis... ol boy... you got some HUGE shoes to fill! This UNC alum wishes you all the best too!

  60. Condor Boss

    Condor BossPrije 2 dana

    I managed to beat the odds and do significantly _worse_ than chance in my picks. (I know absolutely nothing about basketball, BTW.)

  61. Healthy Habits

    Healthy HabitsPrije 2 dana

    Man that crazy how his speed and hops improved in the nba. U can tell he went hard in the gym

  62. Kai TheeeGuy

    Kai TheeeGuyPrije 2 dana

    Stepoàn curry

  63. walterlv01

    walterlv01Prije 2 dana

    You know it was an awesome Elite Eight weekend when this was the LEAST exciting of the four games played.

  64. Diana Deleon

    Diana DeleonPrije 2 dana

    I saw him play in person. The whole team was amazing!!

  65. Stazia Kibera

    Stazia KiberaPrije 2 dana

    The Rmj experiment on HRhave

  66. Stazia Kibera

    Stazia KiberaPrije 2 dana

    The rmj experiment on HRhave

  67. Media SL - Second Life

    Media SL - Second LifePrije 2 dana

    extraordinary 😜

  68. Wolfsky9

    Wolfsky9Prije 2 dana

    I was a total gym rat until i was forced to stop, at 40 y/o----------------i cried my heart out when i was told i had to stop due to continued calf injuries. I love this game & this game is why.----------------------wolfSky9, 74 y/o

  69. Conner Sutton

    Conner SuttonPrije 2 dana


  70. James Burt

    James BurtPrije 2 dana

    Shaka gone! Thank you ACU for helping get rid of one of the most overpaid, under achieving coach in sports besides Tom Herman.. Wasted millions of dollars on a coach with 0 wins in NCAA tourney in six years. Poor Marquette.

  71. Rad 22

    Rad 22Prije 2 dana

    People say he smells so bad coz he dont shower

  72. James Lewison

    James LewisonPrije 2 dana

    Congrats to Baylor! It felt like they were destined to win throughout the entire tournament.

  73. Bodian Landing

    Bodian LandingPrije 2 dana

    He was really a big star back in the day. I remember a game-day bubble gum of his was picked up by a kid and got auctioned for a hefty price. Those were the days

  74. C. K.

    C. K.Prije 2 dana

    Yes that's Celtics announcer Mike Gorman calling March Madness on CBS

  75. Jarrett Brown

    Jarrett BrownPrije 2 dana

    I need the pelicans to draft this man

  76. C. K.

    C. K.Prije 2 dana

    Think about all the great UNC teams under Dean Smith that DIDN'T win it all yet somehow a team led by Eric freaking Montross did

  77. Mike

    MikePrije 2 dana

    I had more fun watching Morrison play than anyone I can remember. I was at his game vs. LMU in his junior year when he scored 37 points in the second half... one of many highlight games that year

  78. Billy Joe McAllister

    Billy Joe McAllisterPrije 2 dana

    I knew it was the LA broadcast before checking for a logo to be sure ( top left ).