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  1. Ra Ward

    Ra WardPrije 23 sati

    Cheating in Boxing is real...and Fury has a history of cheating. This is Wilder's Vendetta Fight.

  2. Yemenboy2009

    Yemenboy2009Prije 23 sati


  3. Josh Brooke

    Josh BrookePrije 23 sati

    Wow Malik Scott is a such a clown 😂 biggest yes man i’ve ever seen. Also good on Rahim for not sitting on the fence here and clearly showing Malik what he thinks of his answers and overall approach to Wilder’s excuses.

  4. Base DaKID

    Base DaKIDPrije 23 sati

    I scored it wide for Bivol but it was a very competitive match so I defo think he's World Level. It's a shame he can't go WBO route (Bob & Frank belt) as I'd pick him over Joe Smith Jr. His next fight will tell me what Eddie REALLY thinks of him.

  5. Safety Stone

    Safety StonePrije 23 sati

    Malik did not have to talk to radio rakoon, , I don't kno bhow this guy's view realty

  6. Danny Carter

    Danny CarterPrije 23 sati

    I mean u can’t get mad at the interviewer he obviously knows what you’re talking about but he has to ask rhetorical questions it’s apart of his Job description he does that because he wants to make it clear on what you’re saying to the people so he doesn’t go saying you meant something else instead of what u actually mean



    Now we are all happy and Logan and KSI are fixing to collab

  8. Jason France

    Jason FrancePrije dan

    I guess now we know what he is talking about.

  9. Joe Marano

    Joe MaranoPrije dan

    Man this dude talks some shit 😂😂😂 Pulling the race card and getting paid big bucks to share his bullshit opinions 😂 "Google that shit" 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. DavidBrendon Hoxley

    DavidBrendon HoxleyPrije dan

    our friend frank tickling his own nuts here


    ANTHONY FORDPrije dan

    RR always Cheesin Big around the Pilgrims but, be stone faced around Brothers giving them a hard time🦝🦝🦝

  12. The Invisible Giraffe

    The Invisible GiraffePrije dan

    Behave urself kid

  13. Pali Aha

    Pali AhaPrije dan

    Since George Floyd I’ve been looking into American history. America is a racist country.

  14. Bald eagle productions

    Bald eagle productionsPrije dan

    No complains no excuses, no conspiracy theories or accusations. A true boxer, greatness is not being undefeated its taking your defeats like a man.

  15. chris holmes

    chris holmesPrije dan

    The darts will go next from sky

  16. dontae cheff

    dontae cheffPrije dan

    Like you're singing But the best singing in the world

  17. arrganilaiyg badulaiyg

    arrganilaiyg badulaiygPrije dan

    He's trying to scare radio rahim into believing in his ass

  18. Joseph Badua

    Joseph BaduaPrije dan

    Glad 2be witness of the great Pacquiao..Greatest stories in future children.

  19. Joseph Badua

    Joseph BaduaPrije dan

    Their dou friendship boxer and trainer like father and son will never be broken as boxing dynamic dou records if someone breaks it my hat's2u Pacman Morepower2u..

  20. TooManyChoices1

    TooManyChoices1Prije dan

    🤡 camp … 🤪

  21. Joseph Badua

    Joseph BaduaPrije dan

    Pacquiao don't run out of gas in 9..10 ..11..and 12.focus.

  22. paystyles

    paystylesPrije dan

    “U went into the pandemic on a High” 😂👃🏻🤣❄️🎱💉🐗

  23. Rich Green

    Rich GreenPrije dan

    take a bit longer to ask the question

  24. Ezel Grier

    Ezel GrierPrije dan

    Boxiing is full of shit now.. The best fought the best in sugar ray time..

  25. anthony jones

    anthony jonesPrije dan

    Dog be on some sell out shit he know them gloves was fucked up now we gone see

  26. 2GUYS1GUN

    2GUYS1GUNPrije dan

    Wilder is a dumbass. He clearly was asking so people that didn't understand it can understand it.

  27. 2GUYS1GUN

    2GUYS1GUNPrije dan

    And he lost.

  28. pokemon3211

    pokemon3211Prije dan

    "To This Day".. Cringe. Hilarious.

  29. aladdinoscopy

    aladdinoscopyPrije dan

    Real nice interview.

  30. Mercy Grace

    Mercy GracePrije dan

    So glad fury put this ego ass on his ass

  31. Oziel Hernandez

    Oziel HernandezPrije dan

    I start hearing canelo on my head soon as i see this guy😂😂😂😂 "get the fakk outttaa heree menn" 😂

  32. R P

    R PPrije dan

    Wheres the interview where he says earth, ERFFF!!!

  33. FaceIt FF

    FaceIt FFPrije dan

    When logan said he's the fastest in the world ... Le Street Dogs:🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. ADZ

    ADZPrije dan

    2:57 After all that twerking we know you are *really* down low.

  35. John Vince Legason

    John Vince LegasonPrije dan

    The Tinhorns from Dino Ranch will Laugh at Floyd they know he is scared of Manny 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  36. Gary Siegel

    Gary SiegelPrije dan

    Wilder is so unprofessional and mentally off himself.... Tyson gonna kick his ass again!!!!!!

  37. Melanin Goddess

    Melanin GoddessPrije dan


  38. Liam English

    Liam EnglishPrije dan

    Eddie is a weapon if he doesn’t make buatsi v richards tbh

  39. marcos haydar

    marcos haydarPrije dan

    Good actor

  40. ltravail

    ltravailPrije dan

    Inoue is the most complete fighter in any weight class. That's not to say he can't be beat but it would take a helluva fighter to do it. I don't think that fighter currently exists at 118 - 122.

  41. Luis Coronado

    Luis CoronadoPrije dan

    Let’s go Keith let’s go!!! One L Don’t Mean Nothing Brother Come On!!!

  42. Chael Collins

    Chael CollinsPrije dan


  43. Michael Davis

    Michael DavisPrije dan

    Benavidez has 0 respect for this dude. Clearly knows he’s a bum. I need to add I’m not an mma fan just saw this and got a kick out of the demeanor David had here. 0 fear for this bum

  44. A kon

    A konPrije dan

    Silly billy! Didn’t they teach you not to interrupt a conversation between 2 grown men ? Kid with no manners

  45. Msr Hipster

    Msr HipsterPrije dan


  46. marctipp

    marctippPrije dan

    Rahim trying to be a counselor???? You heard what the man said. He wants to knock Fury’s head off!

  47. Hernan Bonilla

    Hernan BonillaPrije dan

    he is a respected athlete what is he talking about

  48. jason lee

    jason leePrije dan

    Malick stop it

  49. anthony starkey

    anthony starkeyPrije dan

    Deontay is corney af

  50. Emiliano Guajardo

    Emiliano GuajardoPrije dan

    He needs to relax

  51. 213 Segura

    213 SeguraPrije dan

    Last time i checked wilder got knocked the fuck out. This is the reason he didn't want to say a word on the press conference for fight 3 lol

  52. Sean Rota

    Sean RotaPrije dan

    Best interviews, Fury deserves considerable credit, he's articulate and one of the most astute analysts of boxing

  53. Robert Boyle

    Robert BoylePrije dan

    In all seriousness I was also surprised that Charlie geezer managed to take those punches from Wilder, I'm pretty certain they'd have put me out of action for a month...

  54. Ben Sylver

    Ben SylverPrije dan

    Im seing what tyson is doing he don't want this to be seen as a good fight in case Aj win. But if he lose he going to troll the heck out of him.

  55. DeStresser

    DeStresserPrije dan

    6:34 sheesh was created by ksi

  56. Dr Frog

    Dr FrogPrije dan


  57. Mark Miller

    Mark MillerPrije dan

    Frank's on the hard food again.

  58. Baijie Guillotine

    Baijie GuillotinePrije dan

    keep race outta boxing man ,, it about boxing skill an muscle memory thats it ok

  59. Socialwalter

    SocialwalterPrije dan

    This is an interview with a nobody who loves the attention, but has to act defensive and combative like he doesn't want to stand there and answer every question Rahim asks.

  60. Marvelous The Blackpanther

    Marvelous The BlackpantherPrije dan

    Excuse me sir, I am still not convinced that you understand what he is talking about?😂🤣😂

  61. darryn haynes

    darryn haynesPrije dan

    Tyson is not only a good boxer but also smart and humble.

  62. GMB_MAL

    GMB_MALPrije dan

    Yo how many times did he say champ 🤣

  63. Health Shelf

    Health ShelfPrije dan

    Watching this for sure. Conor still got a lot to prove and a tough mexican sounds like the perfect test.

  64. Yunngin 220

    Yunngin 220Prije dan

    I legit laughed the whole time

  65. Anthony heath

    Anthony heathPrije dan

    Best interview TILL THIS DAY

  66. Sil 33

    Sil 33Prije dan

    Everyone is gonna hate Rahim for this great interview 😅

  67. rodney williams

    rodney williamsPrije dan

    Designer drugs. Pay attention

  68. AL P

    AL PPrije dan

    Tyson Fury is like a Samurai with a clean Zen like mind. Deontay Wilder is distracted by thoughts of revenge and denial.

  69. Dave MUFC Whitehead

    Dave MUFC WhiteheadPrije dan

    The king 🤴 🥊 wilder is guna blame his wife and kids after his 3rd loss. Tyson was robbed the 1st fight. And completely destroyed him the 2nd fight. Fury is 100% right. Wilder will have a game plan until he gets hit and then he looks for the right hand knock out. He's done it all his fights. Great right hand wilder but his boxing iq is poor.

  70. richard williamson

    richard williamsonPrije dan

    He was saying it so hard with emotion..... Till ...This... Daaay😬

  71. Audi 1

    Audi 1Prije dan

    Lol tyson is a realists

  72. Charlie Chaplin

    Charlie ChaplinPrije dan

    Always brings up race

  73. Thomas Fredericks

    Thomas FredericksPrije dan

    With all their cheating allegations why when given the opportunity to speak on it to furys face. No he put headphone because he didnt want to be asked those questions. Malik scott is just as dumb or delusional as wilder

  74. P. Wafula

    P. WafulaPrije dan

    Fuck the sensitives…y’all hate him because he resurfaces that fear you already have in you of a confident black man that’s also intelligent. BUT THAT ENERGY HE GAVE TO RAHIM, I felt ALL OF IT!!! Talk that shyt Deontay!!!!

  75. Mr Giggles

    Mr GigglesPrije dan

    Remember this - in the first fight .... which I was there .... Deontay was nothing but skin and bones at 204 lb ..... had Fury woke up and opened his eyes one second later - we would not even be having this discussion That's basically a cruiserweight dropping a huge heavyweight. No cruiserweight except maybe Evander Holyfield has ever generated that much power.

  76. Steven Murphy

    Steven MurphyPrije dan

    What a prick wilder is

  77. sophh

    sophhPrije dan

    2:38 i swear is shannon doesnt shut uo

  78. Ismael Gonzalez

    Ismael GonzalezPrije dan

    Fury is a real Champion good guy Very professional