I'm a young motovlogger from Phoenix, Arizona! I've been riding motorcycles since 2015. My first motorcycle I learned how to ride on was a Suzuki GS500F. After taking a motorcycle safety course and finally gaining some confidence on the streets, I decided to purchase my second motorcycle. A Honda CBR600RR. After some time passed I decided to add another motorcycle to the family. So I purchased a Yamaha FZ-07. Again, more time passed and guess what I did. I purchased my final bike, as of now. A Honda Grom!

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  1. F2X PR02P3C7

    F2X PR02P3C7Prije 34 sekundi

    after seeing too many dodge demon, hellcat, jdm or camaro dickriders, this makes me happy

  2. Slipperydjdan

    SlipperydjdanPrije minute

    "Not everyone around you is paying attention So that's your fault not his

  3. Geers Tyresoil

    Geers TyresoilPrije minute

    Ah, A fine specimen of Squidius Maximus...

  4. fritzdaddy-135mm get staggered

    fritzdaddy-135mm get staggeredPrije 4 minuta

    Eat a cyanide pile each time HE FUCKING SAYS BRO

  5. Këwë

    KëwëPrije 7 minuta

    This is the comment you were looking for. _26/07/2021 4:44 PM_

  6. 💥DAMAGE💥

    💥DAMAGE💥Prije 8 minuta

    Glad every thing was good His a beast

  7. Saumya Vikash

    Saumya VikashPrije 9 minuta

    So real ...

  8. Machina18

    Machina18Prije 14 minuta

    "Thanks for throwing that injured rabbit, that really helped us out" Wtf lol

  9. ꧁ Simp ꧂

    ꧁ Simp ꧂Prije 14 minuta

    “ oh he looks like he’s hurt “ *throws him* meanwhile the rabbit: “ ugh these humans are stupid- hey HEY HEY HEY HEY- “

  10. Jaxen Gibson

    Jaxen GibsonPrije 14 minuta

    Yooooooooooo we did it

  11. Ivy Sklenicka

    Ivy SklenickaPrije 15 minuta

    Rabbit bones are more breakable than bird bones, don't yeet them pls

  12. Passionate Pictures

    Passionate PicturesPrije 16 minuta

    The two guy's in the vid be ⭐special ⭐🐿🧡

  13. adam hodgson

    adam hodgsonPrije 17 minuta

    they were already in a relationship though hahah they have posts together on instagram from like 2018

  14. Brian Lopez

    Brian LopezPrije 20 minuta

    Bro the comments 😂🤣🕊️

  15. superdbz

    superdbzPrije 20 minuta

    These kids future dead, prison, prison and still with a flip phone

  16. papa kalshnikov

    papa kalshnikovPrije 22 minuta

    Bro I love riding out in groups that stuff is so fun

  17. Keyan Henry

    Keyan HenryPrije 24 minuta

    You have to let a motor warm up otherwise you can ruin it and it’s not cheap or easy to fix

  18. Ejaz Aslam

    Ejaz AslamPrije 27 minuta

    What did I just watch

  19. CharritaNotSeen

    CharritaNotSeenPrije 28 minuta

    "Are you recording?" "NOOOOO I'm on Twitter making a post about you and how smart you are

  20. Ethan Hill

    Ethan HillPrije 28 minuta

    So... what did he do

  21. cuellarlj420

    cuellarlj420Prije 31 minute

    Tony said have water or beer or something and you thought he said read.

  22. 阿木[休閒YTB]

    阿木[休閒YTB]Prije 31 minute


  23. Nikki Ray

    Nikki RayPrije 34 minuta

    That was fast

  24. Jasius Randall

    Jasius RandallPrije 38 minuta

    Why did she spoil them

  25. maggie ting

    maggie tingPrije 38 minuta

    Bro u YEETED him 10 feet away "look like he got hit by something" Yeah TOTALLY

  26. Swilly ills2

    Swilly ills2Prije 42 minuta

    "I'ma yeet you, but into safety"

  27. Nick Spencer

    Nick SpencerPrije 43 minuta

    God I hate people like this, it's in the middle of the DAY!! gtfo , go complain somewhere else! Fuckn ppl I swear

  28. Cecilia Pitts

    Cecilia PittsPrije 44 minuta

    You guys are stupid, you throw the rabbit and say it looks like it got hit by a freaking car???

  29. Dragon Mouse

    Dragon MousePrije 46 minuta

    You forgot your toilet paper.

  30. Taxman

    TaxmanPrije 48 minuta


  31. drummer boy

    drummer boyPrije 51 minute

    What the hell is this?? 😂😂

  32. Sapphire

    SapphirePrije 52 minuta

    I aint heard that song inna minute

  33. Caps Lock

    Caps LockPrije 53 minuta


  34. the cat's pajamas

    the cat's pajamasPrije 56 minuta

    plot twist: He's a security guard not a cop so tell him to flake off!

  35. claire

    clairePrije 57 minuta

    "Oh no I think he got hurt" *Proceeds to throw him*

  36. Lucas Russell

    Lucas RussellPrije 59 minuta

    Sandi C. I'm coming for you

  37. Usman Baig

    Usman BaigPrije sat

    Instead of throwing it which he most likely got hurt by, we don't even know if you are telling the truth about it getting hit by a car so why not take it home instead of watch poor animals waste away like that???

  38. thechariotcard

    thechariotcardPrije sat

    He probably died bc you gave him no help

  39. Kaylee Story

    Kaylee StoryPrije sat

    Poor bunny 🐰 😢

  40. Daiane Aparecida

    Daiane AparecidaPrije sat


  41. Raghvender Singh Chouhan

    Raghvender Singh ChouhanPrije sat

    There are so many things wrong with these kids

  42. Genna Paige

    Genna PaigePrije sat

    poor bunny 🥺 i have a bunny so it hurts to watch this 🥺 i hope the bunny is ok tho 💖

  43. vault oco

    vault ocoPrije sat

    So glad it’s alive so cute 🐰

  44. Dave Vasquez

    Dave VasquezPrije sat

    Poor rabbit

  45. Irms González

    Irms GonzálezPrije sat

    GOOD bles you poeple

  46. Irms González

    Irms GonzálezPrije sat


  47. Irms González

    Irms GonzálezPrije sat

    a ment to say héros 🤗😷😢👌👊🙏


    ORANGFISHY :3Prije sat

    Yeah just squeeze him with ur hat then chuck ten feet that’ll help sure also him: hE lOoKs lIkE hE gOt hIt oR sOmEtHiNG

  49. Scooterkid 03

    Scooterkid 03Prije sat

    When I’m older I’m planning on getting a supermot

  50. MeanMint

    MeanMintPrije sat


  51. Irms González

    Irms GonzálezPrije sat

    this poeple are hemos 😭🤗

  52. MeanMint

    MeanMintPrije sat

    Why would you throw him

  53. joel hernandez

    joel hernandezPrije sat


  54. Randizle Peregoy

    Randizle PeregoyPrije sat


  55. Vikrant Mishra

    Vikrant MishraPrije sat

    What's this place btw

  56. Brandeeno999

    Brandeeno999Prije sat

    Rabbit got hit by a car, suffering from probably multiple broken bones, internal bleeding. And the dude just chucks him lmao

  57. BᴜɴɴʏXᴏxᴏシ

    BᴜɴɴʏXᴏxᴏシPrije sat

    he said nOpe

  58. Metro Pcs

    Metro PcsPrije sat


  59. A Literal Duck

    A Literal DuckPrije sat

    He got access perms

  60. Dead 209

    Dead 209Prije sat

    “Get a jacket” and gets ran over by a semi.

  61. gunslinger 1904

    gunslinger 1904Prije sat

    If I was one of those guys I would let my friend finish he's donut first and see how he feels😂

  62. Rage Viral

    Rage ViralPrije sat

    Well just caught one of those a few days ago tasted pretty good

  63. Donut Gaming

    Donut GamingPrije sat

    That jerk threw him. I am crying.

  64. Jape Stucco

    Jape StuccoPrije sat

    Dude sounds like Big Daws TV

  65. Vincent Ohlhaut

    Vincent OhlhautPrije sat

    Imagine your hella late to work because of this

  66. john doe

    john doePrije sat

    Y'all mad about him throwing the rabbit. Go ahead if you ever get the chance and pick up a wild rabbit. See how long it takes before it shreds all the meat off your arm

  67. Mr.Timewarper 9000th verson

    Mr.Timewarper 9000th versonPrije sat

    Poor bunny

  68. Aubriell Ellis-Artis

    Aubriell Ellis-ArtisPrije sat

    Well you definitely made it worse by just throwing him. Bad person

  69. Timmy Purifoy

    Timmy PurifoyPrije sat

    Rip to that bike and I am glad the biker is ok 👌🏻

  70. Izuku midoriya

    Izuku midoriyaPrije sat

    The bunny literally flipped onto the rocks and the dude be saying that it got hit by a car

  71. Kevin Kozlowski

    Kevin KozlowskiPrije sat

    i was poppin into this comment section to say we need more people like this but im bombarded with jokes about the guy breaking the bunny’s neck-

  72. Bhavya Tiwari

    Bhavya TiwariPrije sat

    Wierd crappy crazy people

  73. Emma Emma Lee

    Emma Emma LeePrije sat

    Why are they all so skeptical to pick it up? Why do they need a hat to do that? Does wild rabbits attack?

  74. Anthony Davas

    Anthony DavasPrije sat

    He tried to open the door and it was locked

  75. Sw00t_y PrD

    Sw00t_y PrDPrije sat

    Jesus Christ is the King of kings

  76. brotherskeepers111

    brotherskeepers111Prije sat

    Typical douche on a bike that believes the rules don’t apply to them